Strengthening the local market through social initiatives that facilitate the right to food in Beit Jala - Palestine.

Caritas held a meeting with the partner institutions in the implementation of its projects in the Bethlehem Governorate, on Tuesday 23/11/2021 in the hall of the Arab Orthodox Charity Association - Beit Jala. This meeting came within the activities of the project: “Strengthening the local market through social initiatives to facilitate the right to food in Beit Jala, Palestine.”

The project is funded by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation and Caritas Spain, and implemented by Caritas Jerusalem in coordination and cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture. The Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Beit Jala Municipality, St. Yves Foundation, and the Makhrour Cooperative for Agricultural and Environmental Marketing.

Throughout the meeting, the projects and works implemented by Caritas in the Bethlehem Governorate, the challenges they face during the implementation of the projects, the plans and future projects to be implemented were presented, in addition to assessing the needs of the local community, especially in the field of agriculture and eco-tourism.

The attendees: 1 Ministry of Agriculture - Bethlehem Directorate (Eng. Abdel Wahab Halayka - Eng. Moataz Awad - Eng. Abdel Razek Mohsen) 2 The Ministry of Tourism (Mostafa Jibril) 3 Beit Jala Municipality (Nicolas Khamis - Samar Al-Tarh) 4 Al-Khader Municipality (Iyad Issa) 5 Al-Makhrour Cooperative (Mr. Khalil Qankar - Mr. Issa Yousef Al-Shatla) 6 Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Adel Al-Hodli) 7 Saint Yves (Attorney Emile Mashriqi) 8 Bethlehem Governorate (Ramzi Salah) 9 Environmental Quality Authority (Hashem Salah)