Our Mission

Our Vision: Caritas Jerusalem is at the heart of the Church in the Holy Land where all people enjoy love, peace, justice and prosperity and live in dignity.

Our Mission: Caritas Jerusalem is the social arm of the Catholic Church in the Holy Land and a member of the Caritas International Confederation. We empower the people of the Holy Land to realize their full potential, thus giving a voice to the voiceless and hope and encouragement to the youth. We strive to achieve sustainable development and improvement in the health services, social welfare, food security and livelihoods, through advocacy, micro-credit loans, education, charity, emergency intervention and direct service provision.

  • Enhancing the quality and accessibility of social and medical services for the poor and marginalized
  • Ensuring food security for the underprivileged
  • Creating economic opportunities through soft loan schemes and job creation
  • Providing emergency humanitarian aid on daily basis and in times of crisis
  • Empowering youth as community leaders
  • Advocating for peace, freedom and justice in the Holy Land

The Caritas Vision: A Civilization Of Love

Caritas is a global movement working in solidarity for a fairer world, inspired by the example of Christian faith and Catholic Social Teaching. Caritas challenges cultural, local, national and international governance structures that undermine the ability of communities to live sustainable and just lives. It is unacceptable that millions of people are suffering through dehumanizing poverty and social injustice – and we want change. The 165 Caritas members worldwide believe they can do more to combat the causes of poverty and injustice by combining their resources.