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The Ongoing Strife in the Holy Land

After more than one hundred days of war in the Holy Land and the suffering of all the people in Gaza, where we witnessed the displacement and destruction of their homes and their suffering by moving many times to escape the machine of war and the killing of more than 23 thousand people, most of whom were children and women, we witness the suffering of most people from hunger, thirst and the spread of diseases. Since the beginning of the war, Caritas has worked to alleviate this suffering somewhat by providing drinking water, food, medicines, and health treatment with available capabilities, despite risking the lives of our brave colleagues in Gaza.

We launched a fundraising campaign at the beginning of this year in which we ask all our partners, friends and every human being with a living conscience to extend a helping hand by firstly calling for an end to this brutal war on this holy land and secondly by helping us in Caritas in order to immediately advance community assistance in Gaza, the West Bank, and Jerusalem, where people are suffering from an economic disaster due to the war.

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Embracing Compassion

Our Vision: Caritas Jerusalem is at the heart of the Church in the Holy Land where all people enjoy love, peace, justice and prosperity and live in dignity.

Our Mission: Caritas Jerusalem is the social arm of the Catholic Church in the Holy Land and a member of the Caritas International Confederation. We empower the people of the Holy Land to realize their full potential, thus giving a voice to the voiceless and hope and encouragement to the youth. We strive to achieve sustainable development and improvement in the health services, social welfare, food security and livelihoods, through advocacy, micro-credit loans, education, charity, emergency intervention and direct service provision.


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