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After enduring more than seven months of conflict in the holy land, the situation has become dire. People are weary of waiting, sacrificing, and enduring hunger without proper medical care. Children lack adequate nutrition, education, and mental health support. Hatred persists in torn societies.
These seven months have been marked by destruction, displacement, and suffering. Hungry children, ongoing imprisonment, and the anguish of hostages' families have become all too familiar. Both Palestinians and Israelis have suffered casualties, with attacks and closures exacerbating the situation. Economic distress looms as families struggle without proper income.
Hope is dwindling for the people of the holy land, prompting many to leave in search of a better future for their children. The international community must intervene to halt this destruction. The operation in Rafah must cease immediately, and aid must flow freely to Gaza through the Rafah border. The time for war must end; the people are exhausted and cannot endure further. Peace is urgently needed.

In the words of His Holiness Pope Francis, "No to War, Yes to Dialogue." World leaders must prioritize peace and cease the cycle of violence. It's time to choose peace over war, for the sake of all those suffering in the holy land.

Embracing Compassion

Our Vision: Caritas Jerusalem is at the heart of the Church in the Holy Land where all people enjoy love, peace, justice and prosperity and live in dignity.

Our Mission: Caritas Jerusalem is the social arm of the Catholic Church in the Holy Land and a member of the Caritas International Confederation. We empower the people of the Holy Land to realize their full potential, thus giving a voice to the voiceless and hope and encouragement to the youth. We strive to achieve sustainable development and improvement in the health services, social welfare, food security and livelihoods, through advocacy, micro-credit loans, education, charity, emergency intervention and direct service provision.


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