Our Roots

At the heart of Caritas Jerusalem lies a rich tapestry woven with compassion and dedication. The roots of this esteemed organization trace back to its founding, shaped by a profound commitment to alleviate suffering and foster hope. Established with a vision to serve humanity, Caritas Jerusalem's origins are deeply intertwined with the spirit of solidarity and a steadfast belief in the transformative power of collective action. From its inception, the organization has grown from a seed of empathy planted in the soil of benevolence to a robust tree, branching out to provide essential support and care to those in need. Grounded in principles of love, justice, and service, Caritas Jerusalem's roots extend deep into the soil of compassion, sustaining its mission to build a world where every individual is embraced with dignity and kindness.

Our Network 

The Coordinating Catholic Aid Organizations – CCAO in the Holy Land was established in accordance with the pastoral plan decision number 6 issued at the end of the diocesan synod of the Catholic Church in the Holy Land in the year 2000. CJ is also a member of the Association of International Development Agencies (AIDA) which has more than 80 members from different NGOs and INGOs. We also work in cooperation and coordination with the local Ministries and Governmental bodies in different projects and programs all through the West Bank of Palestine and the Gaza Strip. In Gaza we partner with Community Based Organizations (CBOs) that are well trained by Caritas Jerusalem; in the West Bank we partner with Local Action Groups (LAGs). In addition, CJ participates in different clusters such as Health, Food Security etc.