Communications And Safeguarding

Caritas Jerusalem recognizes the right of children and vulnerable adults to protection, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, culture and disability. Caritas Jerusalem recognizes the power dynamics inherent in working with children and vulnerable adults and the potential for abuse and exploitation by staff of people we work with.

Caritas Jerusalem is committed to creating and maintaining an environment which promotes its core values and prevents abuse and exploitation of all people. Caritas staff and associates are expected to uphold the dignity of all people with whom they come into contact by ensuring that their personal and professional conduct is of the highest standards at all times. They are equally expected to serve with integrity and promote the right relationships while taking their responsibilities.

Caritas Jerusalem recognizes the unique needs of children and vulnerable adults and, therefore, commits itself to creating and maintaining an environment that protects these individuals.

Safeguarding Policy

As a core organization of the Catholic Church, Caritas Jerusalem’s vision, mission and values promote our belief and commitment to a world where every individual’s rights and dignity are respected. To ensure that Caritas Jerusalem is fully accountable to all its constituencies, its staff must adhere to its ethical code as described in Caritas Jerusalem’s Code of Conduct and Safeguarding Policy.

We ensure that the people we serve and accompany, communities, partners, volunteers and staff are able to communicate any perceived shortcomings, concerns or misconduct through appropriate, safe, accessible and confidential channels. Caritas Jerusalem is committed to strengthening its culture of responsibility that prevents these wrongdoings and abuses through works on prevention and training, and to screen better when recruiting staff and volunteers. 

Caritas Jerusalem, as part of an-going move to improve accountability towards all those it serves, individuals and communities, has developed during 2020, a children and vulnerable adults safeguarding policy that has been approved by the Board of Directors.