Taybeh Health Center

Taybeh is situated in the West Bank, 30 km north-east of Jerusalem. It is a small village of 1,800 inhabitants surrounded by Israeli settlements. Caritas has been historically present in the village as it is one of the few Christian communities remaining in the West Bank.

The Caritas Jerusalem Taybeh Health Center was established in 1997 to provide health services for a population of 18,000 in Taybeh and the surrounding villages. The health center’s medical team treats about 350 patients a month. The service includes primary healthcare, othopedic, desntistry and gynecology and a pharmaceutical laboratory. As well as providing monthy vaccinations for children in coordination with the Ministry of Health.

Gaza Health Center 

The Caritas Jerusalem Gaza Health Center is located in the Beach Camp area of Gaza City. This is one of the most populous areas in the Gaza Strip and it is situated very close to the Jabalia Refugee Camp.

The health center offers primary healthcare and provides an integrated medical programme to the local community. Our doctors see about 970 general patients a month and nearly 300 female patients at the women’s health practice. 

On top of medical care, our team in Gaza provides much-needed psychological help to the victims of the surrounding violence. They pay a particular attention to the children who suffer the most from the conflict and the harsh living conditions. In addition to therapeutic help, we also provide leisure activities for children and young people.