Improving the employability and competitiveness of economic initiatives

reduce social isolation and encourage community service among the youth
June 21, 2023
Improvement of health and reduction of morbidity in the Gaza
May 1, 2023

Perception of the usefulness of the project on the protection of rights of the target group institutional actors in the area and intervention sector (Chamber of Commerce, CBOs of the refugee camps, UNRWA, Badil, etc.)



  • Coordination with local entities competent in the matter and base communities of the refugee camps (CBOs)
  • Develop and implement a micro-enterprise training program for 70 refugee women
  • Provide grants or seed funding to 16 micro-enterprises of the best-performing rights holders
  • Provide specialized marketing and promotional advice to 8  selected existing micro-enterprises.
  • Establish networks and partnerships with local businesses and organizations
  • Design and implement a dissemination campaign for the supported micro-initiatives