Gaza Strip Health, Nutrition, Protection and Disaster Preparedness Support Program
February 22, 2024
A Unified Approach to Health and economic Support in The Holy Land
January 1, 2024

The intervention of the project: Improving the quality of provided primary health care services and expanding them to cover new geographical areas around Caritas Taybeh Medical Center. Under this initiative, the project aims to enhance the quality of health services for patients in the fields of general medicine and specialized services such as women's health, orthopedics, non-communicable diseases, ENT, dermatology, pediatrics, physiotherapy, and sensory room services. Through this project, medical days will be implemented to provide the necessary medical intervention and medicine provision to Taybeh village and its surroundings, where such health care services are currently lacking.


General Objective: To improve the health situation of the general population, especially in rural areas and for the most vulnerable population groups, in the Taybeh Village and the surroundings.

Specific Objective: Improving quality and expanding the primary health services, to cover new geographical areas and health needs of population.

Result: Patients in Taybeh Village and the surrounding areas will be empowered with information about their medical conditions and the necessary treatments.

      Activity 1: Screening for diseases by the medical team.

      Activity 2: Collecting data, providing referrals for follow-up care.

      Activity 3: Staff training / orientation to ensure the best quality care for the patients.